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You may have noticed that Extra! has a new affiliate buddy listed over to the right there, so here’s its official introduction! 😀

Exvulnerum is a full-color webcomic masterpiece drawn by the ever-talented Zules, and is an intense story-driven adventure drama / comedy!
Zules and I have very similar writing styles, so if you’ve liked my comic, I assure you that you’ll like hers! (All great comics start with Ex, after all.)
Not only are her characters really fun and dynamic, but the plot has a lot of intriguing mysteries and fantasy elements to boot! I ended up binge reading it.

Another great perk of Exvulnerum is the awesome forum community that comes with it- I’ve been a part of it for a month or so now and it’s hilarious. Probably my favorite forum on the internet!
 Go see Exvulnerum!

(Extra will double-update on Saturday to make up for the today’s normally scheduled page :3)