Woo! I had a busy day full of being at a wedding and then getting really sick out of the blue! At least I got this page done. 8D

Also, here is ~THE SURPRISE~, as promised…

It’s a game! Based on Extra! I’ve been toying with RPG Maker and decided to make something using almost entirely default art assets. (All the programming / music / writing is from scratch though.)

NOTE OF NOTEFULNESS: If you’ve only been reading these colored pages, I highly suggest reading the full story sketch pages linked to the right as a few of the characters included in the game haven’t appeared in this version of the comic yet. You may not fully appreciate the game without prior knowledge of them, but you are certainly still welcome to play it. The contents of the game are (mostly) non-canon but everyone’s still very much in character.

DISCLAIMER: THERE MAY BE BUGS OR DIALOGUE DISCREPANCIES. I did my best to iron them all out and recruit people for playtesting, but it’s entirely possible some slipped through. (If you catch any, I’d appreciate it if you’d tell me! :D) There are 5 endings, but only 3 have ending cutscenes.

DOWNLOAD LINK:  EXTRA! Game (Non-canon)

1) Download the game file from the link above.
2) Double click the exe and click okay to extract the files.
3) Go into the newly extracted folder.
4) Run the exe labeled “Game”.
5) Play!