On page 555, we officially reached halfway through the series! WOOO! To celebrate, I’m holding an art event!

From Sept 2-9, create any EXTRA! related art, and post it somewhere! You can post it on social media, in the official EXTRA! discord art channel, or anywhere you can link me to it.
It can be related to a scene from the comic (or not), and doesn’t have to be fancy. But if you wanna go fancy, GO FOR IT!!!!
We will then collectively shower any pieces with likes and comments and Roji emojis.

On the 10th, I will select up to 5 random pieces to mail sticker packs to, and will handpick one “really cool” one to receive 1 physical Extra volume of choice OR a custom sketch commission of any character you like. (If there are more than two really cool high-effort pieces, I will put them on the floor with food and let my cats pick a winner)


The nitty gritty guidelines:
• Art must be 100% newly created by you! (No premade character builders, repurposing your old work, tracing, ai, etc)
• Please no speculative ships. Canon ships only! (Xavier/ZNI, Theo/Valerie)
• Maybe this goes without saying, but please only use Extra characters!
• You can submit as many art pieces as you like! THANKS FOR READING GUYS! HALF WAY HYYYPE!

I will post any submitted artwork in fanart AND under future pages as I post them. (I may even post a few on social media!)

Happy posting!