EXV "Xavier"

Emotionally unstable and unafraid to take shots, Xavier has an unrelenting will and a slight tendency for violence and destruction. Although he's currently cast as an Extra, he feels a bit frustrated in the role. When he's not experiencing a major emotional outburst, he tends to act as a voice of reason for the group and often makes the decisions. Sometimes he'll lighten up and give everyone a dose of his weird sense of humor. His favorite hobby is messing with electronic hardware, but he's not very good at understanding it.

Comics: 144
Recent Appearance: Extra! 167
First Appearance: Extra! 2

LXS "Alexis"

Alexis has quietly accepted her fate to never amount to anything special. Cast as an Extra into media-based society as a child, she is very the definition of average! Her favorite things to do involve watching TV, reading books, eating food, and obsessing over aquatic life. While normally cautious to a fault, she has been known to perform random acts of bravery.

Comics: 142
Recent Appearance: Extra! 167
First Appearance: Extra! 1


Roji is an agent of DERP (Directorless Extra Rescue Program) and a mascot for Candybot-GO. He is a well-meaning fox that can be a bit of an air-head. While extremely gullible and slightly (well, largely) incompetent, he doesn't let anything deter him from his overwhelming sense of duty! Roji is loyal (although opinionated at times), and tends to come through for his friends in the most bizarre ways. His "super powers" include his saliva with healing properties and a supposed mysterious second ability that he refuses to share. He also has an extreme phobia of ice cream.

Comics: 92
Recent Appearance: Extra! 167
First Appearance: Extra! 4


Theo is a part-time agent for DERP, but works for other Extra rescue agencies as well. He has a bit of a reputation for being horrendously annoying, but he's a genius when it comes to computers and radios. He also has information on... well... everybody. Despite having his own troubles, Theo remains overly optimistic and ready to take on more work if it means saving lives.

Comics: 40
Recent Appearance: Extra! 164
First Appearance: Extra! 113

Auka the Star-Eater

Nobody's quite sure where she came from, but she claims that it's from the next galaxy over. Auka speaks in a strange language only animals seem to understand and has a bit of a snarky attitude. She does eat stars, but only small ones once every 500 years! Her special feathers allow her to warp through space if she flies fast enough, but they also work just fine on air. She likes to stick around earth and help out her friends at DERP once in a while.

Comics: 25
Recent Appearance: Extra! 104
First Appearance: Extra! 46


Valerie is a part-time agent of DERP. Although she used to be an Extra, DERP helped reassimilate her as a Side character. She now is a part of the Mechtown-Underfoot series, and uses her intel there to help rescue more Extras. She comes off as the no-nonsense type as she generally sticks to her work, but she does cut loose on her off hours and can usually be found in a good mood. Her many skills involve piloting and some basic martial arts experience, but she really shines at doing organizational paperwork. There are rumors that she and Theo used to be close friends before they had a falling out...

Comics: 24
Recent Appearance: Extra! 90
First Appearance: Extra! 61

Emperor Penguin

Emperor Penguin is the highly respected leader of the DERP agency. Having amassed a small fortune from running a successful candy business, Emperor Penguin has dedicated his life to building up the DERP agency and recruiting agents to run it. He feels very strongly that everyone should have an equal chance at life, and thus set forth to rescue Extras as they're the most targeted group.

Comics: 20
Recent Appearance: Extra! 92
First Appearance: Extra! 61