Extra! the ComicExtra! revolves around the extras in the background of a movie world and their journey to escape their fate of getting killed off in a mass “accident”. They plan to go confront the Producer about these “accidents” in hopes of stopping them, but  soon find that their issues are a bit deeper than a few main characters duking it out in the city!

Conceptualized in 2009 and started in 2012, Extra! has been chronicled in 5 (and counting) 80-page-long sketchbooks.





Christy is an artist from West Michigan where she currently resides with her husband and shoelace-eating cat.Some Weirdo

Drawing since she could hold a pencil, Christy is a largely self-taught comic artist with a passion for storytelling.

She won the 2013 Screen Test Student Fest with her animation, “Break Free”, has created a successful YouTube series, “Fairy Foxes”, and has been nominated for a Scholastic American Vision award.

When she’s not drawing, she plays violin, composes music, and is an avid gamer.